Proyecta 100,000

Proyecta 100,000 is part of a renewed spirit of cooperation between the government of Mexico and the United States under the Bilateral Forum on Higher Education, Innovation and Research (FOBESII).


The Proyecta 100,000 initiative promotes higher education, innovation, and research as top priorities; and it aspires to create a knowledge economy to increase Mexico’s competitiveness and prosperity in the 21st Century. In response, California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) has designed special programs to support the initiative and the Mexican students.

CSUSB offers six different programs to Proyecta 100,000 students.

  1. English as a Second Language
  2. English Teacher Training
  3. Professional/Technical English
  4. English for Academic Purposes
  5. Pre-Master’s Program
  6. Short Certificate Programs for Professionals

The College of Extended Learning at CSUSB is committed to providing Proyecta 100,000 students with education and cultural experiences of premier quality.

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