Become a Host Family to an International Student

Become a Host Family to an International Student

This rewarding experience includes:

  • Invaluable education to both host families and students
  • Introducing your family to new cultures and languages
  • Creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime

The Homestay Program gives international students and members of the community opportunities to learn about other people and their cultures. By participating in the Homestay Program, you will be able to share your traditions and lifestyles while broadening your own cultural experiences. Short- and long-term homestays are available.

Host families receive a monthly fee and are expected to provide the student with a safe environment, a private room, meals and transportation to and from Cal State San Bernardino. Host families are encouraged to include the international students in family activities in the evenings and on weekends, enriching the students’ stay and giving them a true picture of American culture.

For more information on the Homestay Program, email the International Extension Programs (IEP) office at or call at (909) 537-5980.

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How to Apply

  1. Download the Host Family Application and Agreement. (PDF 181k, 14 pages)
  2. Submit your application, photos and payment.
    1. Mail: send your completed Host Family Application and Agreement, photos and $25 application fee per adult 18 and older living in your household to:

      Homestay Coordinator
      International Extension Programs
      California State University, San Bernardino
      5500 University Parkway, Room SH-134
      San Bernardino, CA 92407-2397 USA

      Please make check payable to: "CSUSB College of Extended Learning"

    2. E-mail: send your application by email, mail your check separately, e-mail or mail your photos.

      E-mail address:

    3. Fax: send your application form by fax to (909) 537-5905 and mail your photos and check(s) separately.
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