Government of Papua, Indonesia

The English Language Program (ELP) at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) offers Indonesian students an opportunity to learn English and prepare them for academic studies.

In June of 2013, CSUSB signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Papua, Indonesia to support its initiative to further develop human capital. In early 2014, the Papua government sponsored 10 students to come and study at CSUSB.

The government selected and sponsored students who are pursuing their bachelor degrees in various disciplines. Upon earning their degrees, they intend to return to Papua to strengthen and further develop the economy and education in the province.

For more information contact the English Language Program staff at (909) 537-5978 or e-mail

Continuing Collaboration with the Government of PapuaContinuing Collaboration with the Government of Papua, Indonesia In October of 2014, Mr. Besem Gombo, Head of Papua Human Resources Development Biro, visited CSUSB to meet with the students. Mr. Gombo was pleased to know the students have enjoyed their experience at CSUSB and have been advancing in their academic goals.

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Elp-Indonesia photo

(Left to Right) Emma Aud, Richard Mehue and Beatrix Imbab ELP students from Papua, Indonesia

“I came to the United States to improve my English language and earn a degree. Since I’ve been here, I have made many friendships that I believe will last a lifetime.” Richard Mehue, ELP student from Papua, Indonesia.