Yasuda Women's University

Yasuda Center College of Extended Learning

California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), is a sister-school to the Yasuda Women's University in Hiroshima, Japan. CSUSB's English Language Program provides specially designed, high-quality English language programs to the students of Yasuda. Since 1987, CSUSB has hosted hundreds of Yasuda students, leaders, administrators, and faculty.

Yasuda STAYS

Academic and cultural interchange program for students of Yasuda Women's University who are seeking an intensive English experience focusing on reading, writing, and speaking English, as well as an introduction to American culture. The program duration is 5 months (September to February – annually).

Yasuda Spring

The Yasuda Spring Program for students of the Yasuda Women's University which consists of Intensive English classroom instruction and extracurricular cultural educational activities. The program duration is 3 weeks from February to March, annually. Instruction time is 15 hours per week.

The Yasuda Center

The Yasuda Center at CSUSB was funded in part with a gift of 100 million yen (nearly $1 million) from the Yasuda Institute of Education. The building is a symbol of how two diverse cultures and institutions can work together successfully toward the common goal of international education and global peace and understanding. For more information visit the Yasuda Center.